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Burnout Revenge Ps2 Iso devtama




PlayStation 2 | ESRB E for Everyone | PEGI 15 In a gritty post-apocalyptic open-world, the player assumes the role of a former slave who takes up arms in a violent struggle to liberate himself and his fellow ex-slaves from the power of the occupying force. The player fights his or her way across landscapes in a vehicle called the Slave Pod and, in combination with a variety of heavy weapons, takes on a variety of enemy types, including vehicles and infantry, in combat. Players have access to most weapons and special abilities, some of which can be purchased using in-game currency. A gamer who is performing well enough may be hired by a Warlord to operate his vehicle in his or her stead. The player must proceed through a series of battlegrounds and cities in order to gain the rank of Command and ultimately control a Warlord. The Warlord has a set number of missions and the player is given the choice of which to undertake and how to perform the mission. Battles occur across a variety of terrain, from fields to cities, and can be fought either solo or with a crew. Use in-game currency and vehicles to buy character upgrades. Some characters are set to particular stat values, others are not. The player can build vehicles in the process of their progression. Some vehicles are pre-equipped with certain types of weapons, including explosive barrels and chains. In addition to vehicle upgrades, character upgrades are possible as well. Various weapons include grenade launchers, machine guns, flamethrowers, chainsaws, and miniguns. The player may use vehicles to transport a variety of weapons, including flamethrowers and chainsaws, and may deploy additional fighters to take advantage of weapons. Guns and special abilities are available at the start of the game, but are out of the player’s hands when another player’s ship is destroyed. During battle, the player may use a variety of weapons, including machine guns, flamethrowers, and miniguns, to engage in close-quarters combat with enemies and use a special ability at the player’s




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Burnout Revenge Ps2 Iso devtama

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